Warmlite Two Person Tent

Warmlite Two Person Tent

Lightest most storm resistant tents you can find in the world. Featuring an aerodynamic design to reduce wind load stress to the tent.

Elliptical ARC Shape for wind stability

Fast and easy setup with two permanently curved poles which slip easily into full length sleeves. Tent can be fully setup in just minutes even in strong winds! try that with other tents! Only requires 3 stakes.

Adjustable Vent system for FULL control of warmth and humidity.

High vent lets out humid air while Low vents let in heavier dry air. This “chimney effect”, assures excellent venting even in still air, when other vent schemes fail.

Optional Side Windows on each side open from inside (once outer cover is raised) for views and cooling. Open them any amount, in any location, or close as tight as if they weren’t even there! They have no effect on storm resistance when closed.

Large Door. Optional extra zippers on left side to allow whole door panel open for loading or stargazing.

Tents are made out of silicon-coated ripstop nylon.  Comes in a variety of colors.  You can specify one color for the top and a different color for the ends. We can send you fabric scrap samples on request so you can see the exact colors.

Colors available are:Light Blue,Light Green,Light Yellow,Blue,Green,Yellow,Navy Blue, Olive Drab, Purple, Teal, Fushia, Pink, Black, Orange.

Warmlite Two Person Tent

$499 2R Tent - R=Reflective liner for reduced condensation (Highly recommended)

$460 2X Tent - X=Without the reflective liner, ie single wall tent.


$44 Side Windows.  Good for viewing and cooling in a nice summer breeze

$15 Large Door.  Easier entry into tent.  Tent comes with one door.

$85 Endliner.  Rarely needed.  For extreme conditions.

$15 Wind Stabilizers.  Helpful if you get higher than 60mph winds.

$90 Aluminum Top.  No Longer Available.

If not in stock then expect 6-8 week to custom make to your specifications

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Price: from $460.00

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